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Categories :
  1. Automobiles: Each category consisting of 6 team
  2. Hotel groups: Each category consisting of 6 team
  3. Students : Each category consisting of 6 team
  4. Open to all: Each category consisting of 6 team

Each team : Each team consisting of 4 members with car in good condition

Providing : Goodies bag, T shirt, certificate with medal,

Distance of track and condition : On road/off road-about 4 to 6 km(with games and mystery tests)

Prize : winner trophy with medal+ certificate, Runner shield with medal+ certificate
Mysuru, Karnataka
Terms & Conditions
  1. This Trail is approximately around 4 miles within 3 hours to complete.
  2. This Trail is suitable for all ages from 18-35.
  3. One Trail booklet is enough for 3 to 4 people.
  4. Free mobile phone text service is provided for clue answers if you get stuck, ensuring that no mystery goes unsolved.

  1. Entry form should reach to the DWIJA Secretariat by the registration deadline 15th October 2018.
  2. Entry form must be filled completely, with the declaration of indemnity signed and the fees has to be paid in advance as entry fees.
  3. Entries will be accepted henceforth and limited to the first 25 teams on a first come first served basis.
  4. Entry form should reach to the TREASURE Hunt Secretariat by the registration deadline 15th October 2018.
  5. Mysore. Those who are participating as beginners are encouraged to attend the Hunt Briefing session positively.
  6. Participating mini 4 wheels vehicles shall be motorized and should produce proper documentation of road tax and insurance valid as at the day of the Hunt.
  7. The Driver and Navigator in each team must possess valid driving license as at the day of the Hunt.
  8. The languages used in this Hunt will be KANNADA, and ENGLISH only.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules, change or postpone the date or cancel the event if it is deemed needful.
  10. The decision of awarding prizes and points by the Clerk- of-Course and panel of judge is final and binding.
  11. Protests will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  12. Mode of payment can be done in cash (through net/online banking) or in form of D.D at favor of “DWIJA Conservation Society of Art & Cultural Heritage”.
  13. Participation the event is at the Participants own risk.
Event Brief
"Amazing Dasara Heritage Treasure Hunt"

“District Administration & Department of Tourism” presents “AMAZING DASARA HERITAGE TREASURE HUNT” with the support of “DWIJA Conservation Society of Art & Cultural Heritage” DASARA Heritage Treasure Haunt is a platform with an exciting new route and challenges to test the knowledge and ability of participants. The theme of this treasure hunt is “Urban meets Heritage”. The main focus of the theme is Mysuru's heritage and how nature is incorporated and expressed in the city‟s buildings, activities and culture. The game aims to continue introducing city folks and visitors to Mysuru's vibrant heritage so they can better appreciate it and understand why it needs to be managed for future generations. The clues will enable teams to navigate some of the city's special heritage features. The idea is to spread awareness and create heritage enthusiasts among residents so that later on they can become activists and help in preserving and restoring these magnificent structures, many of which need to be revamped. This event will give an opportunity to treasure 10-11 heritage monuments of Mysuru with a mission to “Know Mysuru – Cherish the Heritage

All major credit & debit cards accepted
All major credit & debit cards accepted
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