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Kartikeya Fatwani
A Delhite recently moved to Bengaluru. He is mostly irritated by other people misjudging his identity as a South Indian and a kind hearted person. FYI, he is neither of those.

He is very famous among the traffic police community for his constant attempts to ignore the traffic rules. If any cop is reading this, kindly ignore. He has an unpredictable and imaginative style of writing jokes that leaves the audience go LOL and ROFL.
Ramya Ramapriya
Ramya Ramapriya's Twitter bio says ''Daughter, Citizen, Stand-up comic, Designer, Engineer, near far wherever u titanic song's intense!''

This is her drifting off to another topic but makes few people (close to zero) think she is funny. She doesn't have any famous friends so she joined the comedy circuit. She hopes all her comic friends will get famous and will still talk to her! Anyway she is trying to write jokes and hopes people find it funny!
Yash Gayatri Parikh
Whats wrong with this world? Well, everything! And guess what, Yash talks about each one of them and makes you laugh so that you can decide to live another day.
Gautham Govindan
Gautham takes silly things way too seriously. He takes the road less traveled just to quote Robert Frost at a later point in time. His comedy involves speaking too close or too far from the mic, playing with the mic stand and some ground-breaking conspiracy theories on ice creams.
Enerjuvate Studio and Cafe, Koramangala
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Event Brief
ARTISTS : Kartikeya Fatwani, Ramya Ramapriya, Yash Gayatri Parikh & Gautham Govindan.

Comedy Shots brings you the 18th edition of the Mic-Drop.

New and upcoming Comedians from Bangalore bring their own Perspective on life and other things. Come be a part of this show and your evening promises to be the one to remember.
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