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Anand Rathnam
Anand Rathnam is a civil engineer turned stand-up comedian. Performing since 2015, having loved and lost, and having repeated this cycle several times, he is now convinced that he knows life better than anyone. Anand's brand of comedy is observational and opinionated, mostly drawn from real life experiences. Unlimited exposure to it is certainly not injurious to health.
Vijeth Vs
Short guy with extra large expectation, likes to make things sassy (the term which he found on the internet after searching for an hour). He can smell the awkwardness between any two people, that's the superpower on which he thrives on. Follow me and he will be happy.
Joteen Patro
Self-proclaimed freak, judges everyone, Football fan, unlimited foodie, Proudly Hinglish, software engineer, and a bit of a comedian.
Abhijit Ranka
Abhijeet Ranka looks like a guy who hit puberty last weekend. He thinks he is not a kid although his favourite brand is Lilliput. Other than this, nothing about him is really that important because he has a brother who is in IIT. He came to Bangalore 3 years ago and likes to talk about his experiences on stage.
Enerjuvate Studio and Cafe, Koramangala
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Event Brief
ARTISTS : Anand Rathnam, Vijeth Vs, Joteen Patro & Abhijit Ranka.

Comedy Shots brings you the 7th edition of the Mic-Drop.

New and upcoming Comedians from Bangalore bring their own Perspective on life and other things. Come be a part of this show and your evening promises to be the one to remember.
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