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  1. The Participant should be physically fit to take part in the marathon.
  2. If the Doctors and Physio’s advice any participant for first aid and ask them to take rest; the participant should follow their advice.
  3. If the Medical team disqualify anyone for not being physically fit to take part in the marathon, the participant must follow the medical team’s advice.
  4. No roller blades or wheelled vehicles are allowed in the marathon.
  5. Running with pets and toddlers are strictly prohibited.
  6. Each runner must run unassisted.
  7. If a runner is unable to complete the race, he/she must inform any volunteer and wait at the nearest aid station, from where he/she will be transferred to the finish line, once the last runner has passed.
  8. The organization is not responsible for any cost associated with injuries that may occur during the preparation, the transfer to or from the place of the event, or participation in the race. This includes, but is not limited to, medical costs, transport to and from a hospital, services of qualified medical assistance, or any drug product as necessary.
  1. All participant shall abide by the security laws of state government and central government for marathon.
  2. All Participant must follow the security rules and regulations of the organizing committee of TEEN-A-THON2K19.
  3. For security reasons all participant are advised to follow the route of Frehathon2k19.
  4. For Security purposes participant’s are advised to come without any baggage on the day of race.
  5. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of any baggage & belongings.
  6. Participants are requested to cooperate with the police , security personnel’s and volunteers on the venue and on route.
  7. Persons with incorrect bib or no bib may be removed by organizing committee due to security reasons.
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Terms & Conditions
  1. Internet handling fee per ticket may be levied. Please check your total amount before payment.
  2. No Cancellation/refund policy available to participants, post registrations.
  3. Ticketgenie is the official service provider of this event and not the organizer / promoter.
  4. Anyone above the Age 5 can participate in this marathon.
  1. All Participant must register for the race before half an hour of the commencement of the race.
  2. No one without Proper registration will be allowed to take part in the run.
  3. All participant must be in sports gear.
  4. The participant must report to the venue one hour prior to the race timing.
  5. Within first 5minutes of the commencement of the marathon all participant must leave the venue and shall be on route.
  6. If any runner want to opt for a runner kit, must apply prior to registration.
  7. All participants are requested to have sporting behavior and no foul play is encouraged.
  8. In case of any accident, participants are advised to go to the nearest medical help.
  9. All runners are requested to keep the path of the route neat and clean.
  10. The organizers can implement DOPING CONTROL.
  11. Rules and regulations may update any time prior to the commencement of the run.
  12. Entry and running number bib is not transferable in any other circumstances.
  13. Tampering with the bib is strictly prohibited.
  14. Without proper bib participant will not receive the certificate of completion.
  15. No prize money is there for the run as it is for.
  16. Choose the run category carefully,registration is non-refundable &non-transferable.
  17. By registering, the participants take full responsibility for themselves in or during the race and the organizers are not responsible for any accident caused to the
  18. The organizers will contact the participant with email and mobile messages.
  19. Organizers have the right to disqualify the participant who give incorrect data / details during registration.
  20. Only confirmed participants wearing the registered bibs are allowed in the route.
  21. Slow runner should be at the end of the run.
  22. Follow the same route map given by the organizers.

Event Brief
Teen-A-Thon a footrace to announce the ability of mankind. Teen-a-Thon is an effort to promote fitness amongst teenagers, as teens are the future legends of our world. It’s a monumental opportunity for the grown-ups to pair up with their wards and play a direct role in their growth and development.

This event is a stage for huge commitment of both physical and mental capacities. The initial step for progressing towards success is a healthy mind with a aseptic physique as an aided framework of a human being brings in more confidence.

As teens are the mirrors of the upcoming future, their zeal towards a particular task acts as a source of motivation to all youngsters. This Teenathon will be a small price to pay for the overwhelming feeling of self pride and accomplishment that one has always dreamt of.
All major credit & debit cards accepted
All major credit & debit cards accepted
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