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DAY 1 : 21st Sept 2019

Joteen Patro
Self-proclaimed freak, judges everyone, Football fan, unlimited foodie, Proudly Hinglish, software engineer, and a bit of a comedian.
Ravi Rao
Struggling to answer life's most basic questions, Ravi's jokes come from a place of confusion and ignorance. Being another clueless and generic MBA grad, he now spends his evenings trying to make people laugh at his crippling mediocrity.
Vijeth VS
Short guy with extra large expectation, likes to make things sassy (the term which he found on the internet after searching for an hour). He can smell the awkwardness between any two people, that's the superpower on which he thrives on. Follow me and he will be happy.
DAY 2 : 22nd Sept 2019

Somnath Padhy
Under-confident and a confused guy, Somnath is in a love-hate relationship with superheroes. He is a graduate, in Electrical Engineering, from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. He has performed with some of the funniest comedians in the country. He currently lives in Bangalore.
Yash Gayatri Parikh
Whats wrong with this world? Well, everything! And guess what, Yash talks about each one of them and makes you laugh so that you can decide to live another day.
Pronoy Chowdhury
He is short but not short of humor. He considers himself the Desi Tyrion Lannister. Hailing from Assam and one of the very few comics from the Northeastern region, he is also not an engineer-turned comedian. He apparently studied the best course in the world declared by UNESCO. He talks about all things he finds funny to find out that only he finds those things funny. Pronoy has been doing comedy for a while now and performed with the likes of Jaspreet Singh, Nishant Tanwar and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia in his hometown and Bangalore. You can catch him live on most of the open mics in the city.
Enerjuvate Studio and Cafe, Koramangala
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Event Brief
ARTISTS : Joteen Patro, Ravi Rao, Manjeet Sarkar, Vijeth VS, Somnath Padhy, Yash Gayatri Parikh, Pronoy Chowdhury & Manish Jain.

Comedy Shots presents the 14th & 15th Edition of #NoFilter Comedy show.

Come on down with friends, family, enemies, random strangers or by yourself for an absurd, edgy, and funny evening at Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe as these Bangalore regulars try to crack you up with their jokes. Add some food and beverages to the mix and the evening promises to be the one to remember.
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