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Kritarth Srinivasan, 50% Tamilian, 50% Malayali. In other words, 100% confused. Being a defense brat and not having a hometown or a steady school, threw him into the worst identity crisis. He found his calling and love for stand-up comedy after a brief stint with engineering. His recent solo show got a sold out crowd and a standing ovation. Being one of the youngest comedians in India to put out a stand-up special, he is the next biggest thing in Bangalore comedy. His simple observational humor and his narrative style has captured audience all over the country.
Struggling to answer life's most basic questions, Ravi's jokes come from a place of confusion and ignorance. Being another clueless and generic MBA grad, he now spends his evenings trying to make people laugh at his crippling mediocrity.

Ecstasy - The Baking Room: Bengaluru

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Event Brief
Kritarth Srinivasan, Ravi Rao

It takes more than 8 months to write a good joke, and yet sometimes when you are on stage, it does not work and you think to yourself "But it was funny in my head". Here is a show filled with the newest jokes and you can tell them - if they are funny in their heads or in reality.
Featuring Kritarth Srinivasan and Peeyush Kumar. Hosted by Ravi Rao
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