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  1. Atul Mishra, Bitsian and professional singer with more than 100 public performances to his credit.
  2. NYOTH - Professional Bitsian band, performed at several venues, both in India and abroad.
  3. Tremolos - Trio piano accordion performers- Accordion Prakash (regular performer at Windsor Manor, Bengaluru, Ravi Benne and Sanjeev Mohapatra (Bitsian).
St.John’s Auditorium, Koramangala, Bengaluru.
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Event Brief
BITSian Beats

Bitsians singing for Bitsians is the main focus. However, since all the performers are of professional level, non-Bitsians will also immensely enjoy the musical spread.

Nostalgia about the alma mater will be the drive, both for the performers and the audience. The music will be a mix of Hindi film songs and western from all eras spanning the 1950s to current hits.
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All major credit & debit cards accepted
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