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Toughest Man / Woman 2022 championship belt (sponsored by monster energy drink). The event will be telecasted on multiple OTT platforms.

Description: Do you know what it really means to be healthy? Does that mean you can enjoy your coffee early morning without any stress? Or does it mean that you are able to handle pressure from your irritating boss effortlessly? Or is it your ability to complete your job before the deadline?

In reality to be healthy means, you are capable of doing all the above things at utmost ease and efficiency. Hence being healthy is the ability to be effective every moment of our life.

Everyone wishes to stay effective and pleasant. But are we really doing enough to achieve it. In order to be pleasant our body has to perform at ease. Hence physical exercise on a daily basis is crucial. It reduces stress and anxiety that lead to illness and inefficiency.

By doing regular exercises we can build a certain level of toughness in us. Toughness is the stamina or fitness required to endure challenges. It may be physical or psychological.

You may be an Athlete, Business Man or a Scientist. But in order to grow, you have to keep on improving your stamina and fitness, so that you can perform better to reach a higher possibility.

Hence this summer whole India comes together to check their toughness by hiking a short trail of 2km to a beautiful hill on weekend in Scotland of India, Coorg.

The time taken to reach the finishing line determines our present health condition. Based on this, we can work on improving our fitness by doing regular exercises. So that one day we can become the ultimate fitness champion of India by winning the prestigious Toughest Man / Woman Championship belt.

But even if you are able to bring considerable improvement in your fitness ranking. You will get a free membership for Nomadic LLC Hikers Club, which opens a wide opportunity for earning while getting fitter and healthier.

Why is Hiking essential for everybody?
Hiking is by far the most efficient and safest way to do cardio. And hiking amidst nature has a miraculous impact on us and as per health experts, they advise to hike at least once in a month to considerably improve our fitness and health.

Welcome to the biggest gathering of fitness enthusiasts.

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